A note about being normal

I believe that every photographer is different, and so is every family. I am pretty normal, but we know everyone’s normal looks a little different. That’s what I’m looking for and what you hire me to photograph. Your beautiful, comfortable, normal selves.

My purpose, my focus, is to photograph people simply being themselves and surrounded by the people they love the most. My work developed from a genuine love of photographing my friends and family and the joy around them, and that translates into natural, meaningful images documenting each family I work with. 

How I feel about stories

These are the first photographs I ever took. I was eight years old, we were on a family vacation, and I was wielding the glorious power of my very first Kodak point-and-shoot and a 12-exposure roll of film.

I did not win any awards for these.


I spent many years and so many rolls of film photographing my brothers and sister and the family cats and every painting or knitted blanket I thought was pretty at the state fair.

When I flip through my old photo albums- albums with real prints on real paper that I can touch- I’m not struck by any particular sense of awe or wonder at my childhood talent or eye for composition. There really wasn’t any. There were a lot of blurry cat pictures.

What strikes me is the power of the story lying quietly in my lap- a childhood recorded, a literal picture of the everyday, the distinct little details of memory that a photograph can trigger. 

Oh man, do I love stories- writing them, reading them, telling them, photographing them- and I would really love to tell a piece of yours.

What does this mean for you?

I work with families of all kinds, usually at home, but sometimes not; usually locals, but sometimes vacationers; and photograph people being themselves. I specialize in casual, comfortable portraits folded into everyday fun and relationships. Your session will be an afternoon at the park, a rainy morning on your back porch, an evening jumping in waves at the beach- wherever your happy place is. It won't be a hands-off, documentary session, but a moment of your life in this season, at this time- recorded and remembered.


Know your options


Session in your home or at the location of your choice with your immediate family (extended family rates available)

Includes digital files


Individual portrait session in your home or at the location of your choice, usually scheduled around 35-38 weeks

Includes digital files


Newborn session in your home, scheduled in the first few weeks after birth

Includes digital files + proof book + framed prints

Session pricing begins at $500. Every session includes high-resolution digital files, giving you the freedom to print and reprint your photos now, in five years when you finally repaint the living room, at graduation, and for your son's rehearsal dinner.